The company in order to meet the need for break-neck expansion, and when thomas organ asked for the rights to use the vox name in north american, jennings, despite his vehement objections, was unable to stop the deal from going through. The result was a range of amps like this late ’65 pacemaker, a sheep in wolf’s clothing, with no real connection to the grand roots of the brand other than the name and the grillecloth. viagra for sale cheap generic viagra cheap viagra online buy viagra generic viagra lowest prices buy viagra viagra online without prescription buy viagra online buy viagra online For all that, this is still a rare amp, and a piece of rock-and-roll history. The pacemaker segued through several variations from its introduction in 1965 until its demise around ’71, but the tube version – as we have here – was only produced in ’65, perhaps into early ’66. The first rendition was fitted with 10″ celestion speakers, initially sold to thomas organ by jmi, then purchased directly from celestion once the californians figured out it would be cheaper to bypass the middle man. Our rendition of the amp from later in the year had the gold vox bulldog 10″ speaker made by oxford in chicago, which also supplied fender and several other manufacturers. We can already see it’s a smaller amp than the jmi-built ac15 – a 1×10″ combo rather than a 1×12″ or 2×12″– and, other than in the two-el84 and ez81 output-tube and rectifier complement, the pacemaker really is different in just about every way. It has three inputs, but only one channel, powered by half an ecc83 dual-triode (a. K. A. 12ax7) rather than the ef86 pentode that served as the beating heart of the british classic. The pacemaker does benefit from an active “cathode-follower” tone stack that’s not unlike the top boost circuit of the ac30, with treble and bass controls, powered by a second ecc83. But it uses a much cruder phase inverter circuit, the cathodyne or “split-phase” inverter more familiar from many smaller and mid-sized tweed fender amps and requiring only half a tube, rather than the elegant long-tailed pair of the ac15 and most large amps post-1960. Another ecc83 powers its tremolo effect, with speed and depth controls. One surprise bonus though; our pacemaker stands replete with a full set of mullard tubes, the bottles it was born with (thomas organ must have bought a big box of these and was still feeding off them). And bonus number two: it really sounds pretty damn good, even if it’s no ac15 (and would sound significantly better through a decent 12″ speaker). Despite tom jennings’ objections to t.

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